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1st Workshop on “Nanoscale Biomaterials Deposition: Practical Applications Learning to Speak the Language of Biology”

Event Details:

Start date : May 18, 2010
End date : May 18, 2010
Location : Holiday Inn, Chessington, Surrey
Organized by : LOT - Oriel Ltd

Event Description:

LOT have pleasure inviting you to our workshop on 18th May 2010 at the Holiday
Inn, Chessington, Surrey.

This is your chance to find out more about Dip Pen Nanolithography. The day
will provide an introduction to the theory, current research and live demonstrations
and will include talks from NanoInk technical experts and users.

Recent advances in DPN technology has resulted in the ability to directly print
biologically relevant materials on to a variety of surfaces. This process can
be achieved in ambient conditions while keeping the biomolecules hydrated. We
have also developed protocols for printing different hydrogels and other polymers
to construct biomimetic surfaces that can prove to be invaluable in cell biology
and tissue engineering studies.

Discussion in the formal talks will show examples from; a variety of proteins,
which can be specifically attached onto a functionalized hydrogel as well as
peptides, nanoparticles or even a combination of all three. Utilizing existing
proteomics chemistry, we see how we can orthogonally react multiple molecules/nanoparticles
to their predetermined nanoscale hydrogel array in a single step.

This workshop will focus on the new DPN instrumentation from NanoInk, the NLP
2000. We will demonstrate the instruments capability in massively parallel direct
printing of proteins and functional hydrogels onto chemically functionalized
glass surfaces.

This meeting will be of interest to bio-engineers, biomedical engineers, physicists,chemists
and material scientists who are interested in seeing practical applications
of directed deposition at the micro and nano scale. Nanoink and LOT-Oriel are
delighted to welcome you to this workshop.

The workshop is free of charge and includes lunch and refreshments. As numbers
are limited we recommend that you register as soon as possible.

Map for The event

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