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Nano, the next dimension (Film produced for European Commission)

Nanosciences and nanotechnologies represent a formidable challenge for the research community and industry. World-class infrastructure, new fundamental knowledge, novel equipment for characterisation and manufacturing, multi-disciplinary education and training for innovative and creative engineering, and a responsible attitude to societal demands are required. This documentary film, made available by the European Commission, provides a glimpse of some of the many activities that are being carried out in Europe in these fast-grozing fields of research and technological development.

This video was made available by the European Commission. January 2002.

Duration : 0:27:4

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  1. appleblossomxo says:

    SR20dett2008 you …
    SR20dett2008 you posted the U.S. gave Russia 3 Trillion dollars 3 years ago to research this? In the meanwhile, Teachers in the U.S. are getting laid off for lack of funding! Russia should send that money back to the U.S.

  2. appleblossomxo says:

    Interesting. What …
    Interesting. What happens to the particles they washed down the sink or get blown into the air? Can it get stuck in an animals lungs? What happens to microbes in the water that are exposed to it?

  3. xxxxxJSxxxxx says:

    that tube is used …
    that tube is used in astrology …
    posibilities is endless

  4. enlistedingodsarmy says:


  5. robblac says:

    aye yer wee …
    aye yer wee documentary video hingy wiz barry, cheers chav.

  6. Sarnarath says:

    i found this very …
    i found this very interesting.
    the possibilities seem endless.

  7. jpixels says:

    vision express?
    vision express?

  8. etaylorgroup5 says:

    also good for …
    also good for surgery & taking out
    visible scares affter sugery or cosmetic

  9. etaylorgroup5 says:

    it can protect …
    it can protect women during giving birth
    coteing wile under annasteashia from
    the baby ETAYLORGROUP:

  10. etaylorgroup5 says:

    lets do it bigger …
    lets do it bigger for the kids too
    ETAYLORGROUP:secure nerve endings
    brain waves & and help diabedies
    and control blood levels & secure
    pretected babys in the womb

  11. etaylorgroup5 says:

    good for stem cell …
    good for stem cell research
    inner system security lets
    stick together ETAYLORGROUP:

  12. eCaMaCe says:

    Darwinism, the …
    Darwinism, the brain was not made it was self embled meaning there is no god. 24:54

  13. MasterOhSo says:

    Nano tech holds …
    Nano tech holds great promise as long as we don’t totally ignore some of the risks involved in it’s use. For anyone who is interested they should look up “technocalypse” on youtube, it talks about nano and the idea of transhumanism. remember to take it with a grain of salt….you might also wish to explore “the singularity” and the book “clock of the long now”. All these deal with the rate of technological growth and the coming technorapture. Interesting stuff if viewed with an open mind. Peace.

  14. SSrb1099 says:

    I guess they will …
    I guess they will make some kind of nano size extruder to crank out carbon nanotubes.

  15. Betterdeadthanred1 says:

    Only you can …
    Only you can prevent gray goo

  16. 2YinYang2 says:

    very interesting, …
    very interesting, thank you

  17. Matu1 says:

    thinking isnt for …
    thinking isnt for you, paranoid fool.

  18. saint27573 says:

    wow a bold new …
    wow a bold new world where morons mess with dna molecules sounds like big brother on steroids . oh not to mention the complexity of creation verses evelution my thoughts are danger danger . let think this this through before messing with atoms cause after all thats what holds us together sigh !

  19. ToadHypno says:

    blueduderanch… …
    blueduderanch… Must be nice whizzing through multiple universes and dimentions, as a entangled quantum life force, as the rest of us start to understand the vastness and potential that nano tech is….Did you post you comment with a quantum computer or just post it with your inane thoughts???

  20. MeWrecks says:

    you are funny!
    you are funny!

  21. mf0rz says:


  22. blueduderanch says:

    plus all the things …
    plus all the things at CERN and in commercial use over the past ten years is made from the technology of quantum knowledge. it was the nano age but it is now, and has been for a while, the quantum age.

  23. blueduderanch says:

    this is rubish, …
    this is rubish, nanotechnology is not the next level. nanotechnology is old and dated, quantum technology have is where all the amazing discoveries are being made like flat screen tvs and mobile phones. also nanotechnology is not on the very small scale dealing with atoms. it is massive compared to the quantum level nearly ten thousand times bigger, and its on molecular levels, not even the atomic level. sorry whoever put this vid up but they dont seem to know their stuff.

  24. Ormaaj says:

    Love the music :)
    Love the music :)

  25. MortenGee says:

    That pizza would …
    That pizza would taste pretty funny thanks to the special ingredients you placed there yourself 😉

  26. etaylorgroup says:

    i believe also they could be used to make a stronger material for
    bullet proof fests the hole being abel to sastain shape on thin material
    like a napkin gave me the idea of how you can magnify the holding efect
    or combine a fome with it plus tuff threaded material added to the protective

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