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Challenging Reality: Playing at God?

“Playing at God” is the fifth episode of my Challenging Reality TV series. The programme is all about the blurring boundaries between human beings and machines, and the impact of the convergence of technology and humanity on the future of ourselves and wider civilization.

The programme was first shown on Controversial TV (UK Sky Channel 200) on 12th January 2010. For more information, including a full transcript, please visit http://www.ExplainingTheFuture.com/reality or the forums at http://edgemediatv.com/forum

Except where otherwise credited and used with appropriate permissions, all video, audio and music materials in this programme were produced by and are copyright Christopher Barnatt 2009.

Duration : 0:26:29

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  1. ExplainingTheFuture says:

    Ejay music indeed! …
    Ejay music indeed! Skynet may yet arrive in many forms . . .

  2. javonoUTube says:

    Love the ejay music …
    Love the ejay music, so 90’s. ARPA are working in Autonomous Aerial Vehicles so perhaps Skynet make still be on the horizon.

  3. ExplainingTheFuture says:

    Many thanks!
    Many thanks!

  4. Xechorizo says:

    Love the videos :)
    Love the videos :)

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