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Schlieren video of ultrasonic pulse (pt1)

transmission of a 10-cycle 7.5 MHz ultrasonic pulse through water. Imaged with stroboscopic LED-illumination and the Schlieren technique. Kalle Hanhijärvi & Anders Wallin, University of Helsinki, Finland. 2008. Duration : 0:0:3

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playing with many entangled beads in optical tweezers

playing with many entangled beads in optical tweezers Duration : 0:0:38

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5.0 um Bead Packing u-BBIA Chip

Microfluidic bead packing Duration : 0:0:13

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dispensing subtitled

Digital microfluidic device manufactured at the Emerging Communications Technology Institute (ECTI), University of Toronto, by Prof. Aaron Wheeler’s research group. The device dispenses 70-nanolitre droplets from reservoirs and then moves, merges, and mixes them by applying a sequence of voltages to an array of electrodes. Duration : 0:0:5

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Chaotic Droplet Rotation

Duration : 0:5:6

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Wound healing assay (Fluxion Biosciences)

A wound healing assay being performed in a BioFlux microfluidic channel (Fluxion Biosciences). Wounding is created using a laminar flow stream of trypsin to cleave off cells along part of the channel. Wound response is monitored using time lapse microscopy. For more information, please see www.fluxionbio.com. Duration : 0:0:25

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cell trapping microfluidic device

Duration : 0:0:38 To investigate the dynamics of the cell trapping process, the simulated loading of the individual trapping arrays and sieve conformations was analyzed at discrete time steps. Analysis of the figure reveals that the filling of the traps at the prescribed flow rate and cell concentration 1 l /min, 5*106 cells/ml occurs quite […]

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cell trapping microfluidic device 2

cell loading experiment Experimental loading of PDMS microfluidic array devices with 3T3 cells. Validation of the predictive value of modeling, using 3T3 cells flowed through microfluidic devices containing U-type sieves under the simulation flow parameters, showed excellent agreement between experiment and simulation with respect to cell number per trap and the uniformity of cell distribution […]

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Cells dance the waltz on top of an integrated circuit

In this movie a yeast cell (on the left) and the lung cell from a rat (on the right) are moved using a hybrid integrated circuit / microfluidic system developed in our lab. To learn more, check out our lab on a chip paper: http://www.rsc.org/Publishing/Journals/LC/article.asp?DOI=b710928h Duration : 0:0:35

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Romaco Promatic PC4200 Bottles

http://www.trimaco.ch Der Kartonierer des Typs PC4000 bietet Flexibilität, Ergonomie und Effizienz bei Geschwindigkeiten von 230 bis 400 Kartons/min. ********** L´encartonneuse PC4000 offre, en toutes circonstances, un fonctionnement flexible et efficace, ainsi que des propriétés ergonomiques avec des vitesses allant de 230 jusquà 400 cartons/min. Duration : 0:2:44


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