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Opened micro- fluidic device

Ideas for application? details wanted? –please let me know Duration : 0:1:21

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yjj lab

experiment data-(50.100.100)17vpp.100Hz.200x.avi Duration : 0:0:4

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Cell Rolling Adhesion (Fluxion Biosciences)

Jurkat cells (leukocytes) rolling on a VCAM-1 coating in a BioFlux microfluidic channel (Fluxion Biosciences). For more information, please go to www.fluxionbio.com. Duration : 0:0:4

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Pseudomonas biofilm growth in a BioFlux channel (Fluxion Biosciences)

Pseudomonas biofilm growing under controlled shear flow in a BioFlux microfluidic flow channel (Fluxion Biosciences). For more information, please see www.fluxionbio.com. Duration : 0:0:6

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Platelet Rolling Adhesion (Fluxion Biosciences)

Platelets rolling and adhering to a collagen coating in a BioFlux microfluidic channel (Fluxion Biosciences). For more information, please see www.fluxionbio.com. Duration : 0:0:4

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Wound Healing ay (Fluxion Biosciences)

A wound healing ay being performed in a BioFlux microfluidic channel (Fluxion Biosciences). Wounding is created using a laminar flow stream of trypsin to cleave off cells along part of the channel. Wound response is monitored using time lapse microscopy. For more information, please see www.fluxionbio.com. Duration : 0:0:7

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Welcome to the NIST Channel

NIST chemist Kate Beers explains how to navigate NIST’s YouTube channel. She also explains some of the work that NIST does, from building nanorobots to her own quest to design better materials by triggering chemical reactions between liquids in tiny “microfluid” channels. Duration : 0:1:50

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Intravital microscopy of HT1080-GFP tagged fibrosacroma tumour cells rolling

Intravital microscopy of HT1080-GFP tagged fibrosacroma tumour cells rolling. Video courtesy of Prof. Robert Hoffman (Anti-Cancer Inc.) and Prof. William Gallagher (University College Dublin) Duration : 0:0:7

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plug formation and crystal growth 011209 c17

Duration : 0:2:5 riginally developed by the Ismagilov lab at the University of Chicago, nanovolume plug-based microfluidic protein crystallization is an emerging technology for efficient protein use for crystallization trials in conjunction with in situ X-ray imaging. deCODE and its microfulidic device collaborators have produced several different plastic labcards that contain of the required microfluidic […]

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Schlieren video of ultrasonic pulse (pt2)

transmission and reflection of a 10-cycle 7.5 MHz ultrasonic pulse through water. Imaged with stroboscopic LED-illumination and the Schlieren technique. Kalle Hanhijärvi & Anders Wallin, University of Helsinki, Finland. 2008. Duration : 0:0:5


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