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SUSS MicroTec MA200Compact Mask Aligner

The SUSS MA200Compact combines proven mask aligner technology with a variety of innovative features that make it the system of choice for thick resist MEMS applications (i.e. Inkjet Heads, accelerometers, HDD), Advanced Packaging (i.e. Electroplating Bump Process, RDL), Compound Semiconductor (i.e. HBLED) and Micro Optics (i.e. Wafer Level Camera) Duration : 0:5:50

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Building a PDMS microfluidic device using soft lithography methods. Duration : 0:2:28

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Capillary electrophoresis on chip

Separation by electrophoresis on a glass chip Duration : 0:0:22

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00. Introduction – ME 599

The course, ME 599: Nanomanufacturing taught by Professor John Hart at the University of Michigan, discusses the properties, synthesis, assembly and applications of nanostructures and nanostructured materials. Duration : 1:16:22

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Nanomanufacturing: introduction

This course will be offered at the University of Michigan during Winter 2010. Nanomanufacturing presents how to make and assemble nanostructures—particularly nanotubes, nanowires, and nanoparticles—into devices and materials ranging from transistors to films, fibers, and structural composites. Emphasis is placed on understanding the unique properties of these building blocks, and how properties scale from the […]

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0 06ml per min each phase full chip view

Video related to research article appearing in Lab on a Chip Oliver K. Castell, et al. Liquidliquid phase separation: characterisation of a novel device capable of separating particle carrying multiphase flows Read the article at http://xlink.rsc.org/?DOI=b806946h Duration : 0:0:10

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3D simulation of cleanroom microfabrication. This process shows how to fabricate devices for nanofluidics experiments. (c) Nicolas Durand, 2009. … Nanofluidics nanotechnology microfabrication Duration : 0:3:59

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MEMS Bend Tester: Sample Placement

Demonstrating the difficulties faced placing micro samples between the loading anvils of a MEMS bend tester. The sample here is a C60 whisker, and the placer is a flame-stretched glass needle with a tip diameter of about ~2um. Michael Larsson, Imperial College, London, UK, 2006 Duration : 0:0:39

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Nanofilm featured on 21st Century Business Duration : 0:4:23

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Tower Semiconductor Awards Contract to Applied Materials

Applied Materials’ ExpertConnect diagnostic capability taps the full resources of Applied Materials to provide rapid, 24/7 equipment support to customers. Duration : 0:3:48


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