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Piezo Ultrasonic Motors

DigInfo – http://movie.diginfo.tv Bringing Nanomotion from Israel to Japan, Daito Electron is importing the HR Ultrasonic Motor Series which is a piezo ceramic servo motor that actually uses the reverse piezo electric effect to create linear and circular motion. Piezo electricity is when certain crystals become charged due to mechanical stress such as compression, twisting […]

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Logitech unveils the Air Mouse!

http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2007/07/logitech_unveils_the_air_mouse.php Yesterday, Logitech unveiled it’s wireless MX Air dubbed the “Air Mouse”. It’s a sleek rechargeable laser mouse that, when you pick it up turns off the laser sensor and uses the dual embedded MEMs gyroscopes inside it to detect angular motion in the air, as well as an accelerometer, so the mouse knows which […]

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DLP Projector Tests

Texas Instruments DLP Technology tested head to head against LCD Technology Duration : 0:5:48