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What is the best method for having recorded audio play when in the vicinity of ferrous metals?

I am working on an engineering project and I am looking for ways to have recorded audio play when in close vicinity to ferrous metal. Specifically, I’d want the method to be as compact as possible. I’d assume companies sell sensors that can detect these metals through induction. Also companies probably sell devices that play […]

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How nanotechnology is going to change the world?

There was an era of IT. Then it moved to Biotechnology era. Currently, Now Nanotechnology is applied in a lot of fields. How does this technology going to change the world? They are experimenting with a nano layer of neoprene on the inside of tennis balls which stops the balls from going soft in play

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Do chip (IC) based gyroscopes tell you your pitch/roll angle or just the rate of change?

and do any under £40 (or $60 [I know that's not the conversion rate]) not do that thing where they creep back to the rest position… or is there a way to fix this (turning it on and off periodically?) What I really need to be able to do is poll it from a microcontroller […]

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Is it possible to do postgraduation in nanotechnology after an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering?

I read in wikipedia that "At the smallest scales, mechanical engineering becomes nanotechnology…". So, can I study Mechanical Engineering and then go in for nanotechnology? Nanotechnology is my main interest. If there are other undergraduate courses after which I can do postgraduation in nanotechnology, please let me know. Thanks a lot! I’d suggest contacting a […]

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what is relation between mems acceleromeer and crash sensors?

accelerometers and crash sensors and airbags work together The accelerometer detects a large negative acceleration that would occur during a crash. So, the crash sensor contains a MEMS acceleromater plus other circuitry. When there is a rapid deceleration, as in a crash, the sensor tells the airbags to deploy.

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Will a bachelors in nanotechnology and masters in chemical engineering allow me to work as a chemical engineer?

Ive done 2 years of a 4 year nanotechnology course. If I do a masters in chemical engineering which is 1.5 years long, will I be able to work as a chemical engineer afterwards? Or should i just change my course to chemical engineering now and almost start from scratch? Of course you must finish […]

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What are the best universities to pursue M.S and PhD in Sensors and micro systems(MEMS) in Germany?

Try these links: http://hpwren.ucsd.edu/news/20070921/ http://ewh.ieee.org/tc/sensors/Sensors2003/Tutorials03.htm http://www.mesago.de/en/SSI/Speakers_+_Presenters/index.htm

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How can I support the development of nanotechnology?

I believe that nanotechnology will cure cancer, as well as many other diseases, illnesses, and medical conditions that currently affect people. The real question is, what can individual people do to support this technology? Are there currently any products available to the public that utilize some form of nanotechnology? You just watched G.I. Joe didn’t […]

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For MEMS-based inertial sensors, which approach is superior – capacitave or thermal?

I’m interested in knowing opinions of which approach is superior for MEMS-based inertial sensors – capacitive or thermal (Memsic’s approach) Each approach has it’s advantages: -Capacitive has bigger bandwidth -Thermal is more resistant to shock and vibration. However, it works only within a small inclination angles (+-60deg) Which one to choose depends on the application. […]

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What does "biologically compatible" mean?

Particularly in microfluidics, many materials claim to be "biologically compatible." What does this entail? Hydrophobic? Hydrophilic? Adsorption of protein? Cells? Do we want adsorption of these substances? ehhhh?.. I am no scientist but the first thing that comes to mind is "Man to Woman", or "Woman to Man".


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