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What are the job prospects for Nanotechnology in the US and UK?

Currently studying a double degree of Physics with a major in Nanotechnology and wondering if there are any practising Nanotechnologist’s out there and how has their experience been in the field. Specifically university study/career propspects and advice. Come to the University of Missouri! Seriously, if it’s happening in nanotech, it’s happening here.

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What is best engineering field if you want to get into nanotechnology?

Which engineering field is best if you want to work in the field of nanotechnology? Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary field consisting of: physics(Quantum mechanics,Solid state phys) chemistry(Molecular and atomic approach) biology mathematics and finally Engineering! so before asking about the desired engineering field you should ask of fundamentals, considering your interest as an important factor. […]

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where can i find nanotechnology books or short stories?

I have been a vivid fan of nanotechnology and the possibilties it can bring in the future and love the books eg engines of creation, the age of spiritual machines and the singularity is near by ray kurzweil but surely there must be more sci fi stories floating around on the net. The nanotech revolution […]

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What are the benefits and possible risks of Nanotechnology? What about oversight and accountability?

Nanotechnology means manipulating atoms to make things that are a thousand times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. Most Americans may never have heard of it, but it’s already an important part of many consumer products. Cosmetics, stain-resistant fabrics, golf balls and computers all contain these manufactured components that are invisible to the […]

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What does nanotechnology have to with farming?

does nanotechnology anything to do with farming?i am on a lego leag team and the topic is nanotechnolagy and we are reasherching and wanted to know if thear is anything that is farm-related. Nanotech might have quite a bit of influence on farming. From using wireless nano sensors (Smart Dust) to monitor the soil, stock […]

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Where do I find reliable information on nanotechnology?

I need help finding a reliable resource to do some research on nanotechnology for a paper that I’m working on. Can anyone help me? The Foresight Nanotech Institute has a good summary at http://www.foresight.org/nano/whatisnano.html Nanotechnology is so broad, however, that for any specifics you’ll need to look further. I would recommend looking through Wikipedia to […]

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What are the related courses to nanotechnology?

i finished my high school and i want a career in nanotechnology.But there is no bachelor’s degree in nanotech. so could anyone tell me the most closely related bachelor degrees available that i can take up to have a career in nanotech. Computer science would be the most obvious one. Depending on just how small […]

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What imapcts does Nanotechnology have on Saudi Arabia?

Does it bring more economic or environmental benefits? Please explain! Thanks Are they also trying to depend on nanotechnology more instead of depending too much on oil? i believe a lot of funds have been injected to develop the nanotechnology research and its applications in saudi. I believe a major institute and research center has […]

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Will nanotechnology completely change the nature of our existence within the next fifty years?

The potential of nanotechnology seems mind blowing, yet there are many obstacles to be overcome before significant innovations can really start to take place. How far will this technology develop in the next fifty years & what changes can we expect to our lives as a result? lol its only me & you will think […]

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Is nanotechnology going to be the next technological revolution?

We have seen great progress in technology over the last 200 years: Industrial, Atomic, Space, Information. There’s much research into nanotechnology. Is nanotech already making a technological impact? What do you think would be the next nanotech advances? Not the next one. Nano isn’t about just being small, it’s about manipulating from the atom structure […]


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