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What kind of education do i need to become involved with nanotechnology?

I’m interested in the field and would like to be one of those people who works to help develop nanotechnology Actual development of the technology is typically done at the research level by PhD’s and graduate students. Most of the people in the industry that do development of nanoparticles and nanodevices are highly educated (graduate […]

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Do you believe that shapeshifting is possible without some seriously advanced nanotechnology?

With nanotechnology suitably developed, we’d be able to do virtually anything with our bodies. But without it, what do you think the limits are to our ability to control the structure, condition and even the physical form of our bodies? To me the question is "Is shapeshifting possible?" Now one of Clarke’s Laws was "When […]

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Who is doing the best research in the area of nanotechnology applied to textiles?

Looking for the best research laboratory in the world working on nanotechnology applied to textiles.. Any suggestions? Are they credible? There are many pretenders that use old technology and relabel it as nano. Juan Hinestroza at Cornell University is doing some great work.

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What are the top 5-10 universities in america/canada for nanotechnology?

Also, if you could give some details as to which subjects are mandatory during the GCSE/ AS/ A’Level period? And does MIT give a course dedicated to nanotechnology? Thanks! Information is below.

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What is the best nanotechnology investment to get into?

Looking into the stock market for nanotechnology investments. Nanobots within the blood stream to keep the veins and arteries clear of clots and fatty deposits…..A.S.A.P.!

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what is the best way to get start in the nanotechnology Field?

i am looking for a major in college and i got intrested in nanotechnology but i dont know how to get start with it? sorry if there is ay grammer or spelling mistakes. Another good site to check out… National Nanotechnology Initiative click on the education center link (left side menu) http://www.nano.gov/

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An aspect of nanotechnology that can be improved?

I have to write a research paper on an aspect of the field i am going into that could be changed or somehow..improved. For example..if i was going into nursing i would write about the different needles used. What are some aspects of nanotechnology that can be improved? i just need somewhere to start, because […]

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What are the names of some notable scientists in nanotechnology?

Hi, i am doing an essay on nanotechnology and need to know about scientists and what they did. a few lines is enough. also if anyone knows anything about the dangers and toxcicity of nano science that would be a great help. any other info to do with nanoscience is also welcome. thanks and sorry […]

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What is a good major to get into nanotechnology as a graduate study?

I currently live in California and fortunate enough to be blessed with some of the better funded, more advanced colleges in the nation. I currently have that VA benefit where the VA pays for all your college but it must be in California. I was wondering, what would probably be a good major if nanotechnology […]

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Get a nanotechnology certification in the future?

When modern computers were being developed in the 1960s and 70, network certifications and computer tech certifications weren’t yet available from technical schools like they are today. They simply didn’t exist yet and the technology wasn’t yet developed. As computers became more advanced, jobs opened up and different types of training and certifications were developed, […]


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