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IVESC 2010 AND NANOcarbon 2010

It is our great pleasure to invite you to this specially coordinated event that combines two international conferences on nanomaterials and devices: the 8th International Vacuum Electron Sources Conference (IVESC 2010) and NANOcarbon 2010, which will be held in the Nanjing Mandarin Garden Hotel (Nanjing, China) from Oct. 14-16 in 2010. IVESC 2010 includes numerous […]

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DNA repair nanorobot

Nanorobot inside living cell repair DNA molecule. Model made by Nanobotmodels Company, 2010. http://www.nanobotmodels.com Details about this model you can find here: http://www.nanobotmodels.com/node/47 Duration : 0:2:35

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Nanofluidics in Lab-on-a-Chip Devices

This podcast explains nanofluidics. Advantages of having narrow channels and the challenges coming with its fabrication and application. Duration : 0:8:13

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Handheld, multi-axis camera stabilization device utilizing MEMS gyro sensors

Handheld, multi-axis camera stabilization device utilizing MEMS gyro sensors (U.S. Patent 7,642,741, additional patent pending) In the field of motion picture photography, camera stabilization devices are used to isolate the camera from the natural body movements of the operator, while providing fluid maneuverability across a set. The purpose of this project is to design, build and optimize […]

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1st Workshop on “Nanoscale Biomaterials Deposition: Practical Applications Learning to Speak the Language of Biology”

LOT have pleasure inviting you to our workshop on 18th May 2010 at the Holiday Inn, Chessington, Surrey. This is your chance to find out more about Dip Pen Nanolithography. The day will provide an introduction to the theory, current research and live demonstrations and will include talks from NanoInk technical experts and users. Recent […]

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2010 CCMR Symposium – Nanostructured Functional Materials by Design

On behalf of the 2010 CCMR Symposium Organizing Committee, I am pleased to invite you to attend the 2010 CCMR Annual Symposium which will take place at Statler Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, on May 18, 2010. Research within the CCMR focuses on developing a fundamental understanding of advanced materials to predict and improve their […]

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LANE 2010 – 6th International Conference & Exhibition on Photonic Technologies

At an ever faster rate, fundamental research produces new results and qualifies Photonic Technologies for more and more applications. Thus the main focus of the LANE 2010 is on "Photonic Technologies". Of special interest are laser material processing and laser applications in mobility, life sciences, information technology and energy generation, storage and transmission. This is […]

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Time dependence of the fluid velocity field

Video related to research article appearing in Lab on a Chip O. Manneberg, et al. Flow-free transport of cells in microchannels by frequency-modulated ultrasound Read the article at http://xlink.rsc.org/?DOI=b816675g The clip shows the time-dependence of the fluid velocity field, acquired by performing time-resolved particle image velocimetry (PIV) on the yellow 1-μm beads in the clip […]

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MEMS-based clamp with a passive hold function for precision position retaining of micro manipulators

The goal was to design, model and fabricate a precision MEMS-based clamp with a relatively large clamping force. The purpose of the clamp is to mechanically fix a six degrees of freedom (DOFs) MEMS-based sample manipulator once the sample has been positioned in all DOFs. The clamping force is generated by a rotational electrostatic comb-drive […]

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How To Destroy the World with Nanotechnology

How To Destroy the World with Nanotechnology Duration : 0:6:15


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