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Flowcytometer using microfluidics chip

Flowcytometer using microfluidics chip. Revolutionary analyzer which is user-friendly, easy to maintain, low cost and biosafety. Produced by On-chip Biotechnologies Co., Ltd. For more infomation, http://www.on-chip.co.jp Duration : 0:5:20

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Nanotechnology and Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer

Nanotechnology and Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer Duration : 0:2:26

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Flow free transport and caging of 5 μm beads

Video related to research article appearing in Lab on a Chip O. Manneberg, et al. Flow-free transport of cells in microchannels by frequency-modulated ultrasound Read the article at http://xlink.rsc.org/?DOI=b816675g The clip shows flow-free transport and caging of 5-μm beads (green). The yellow beads are 1-μm tracer particles that are used for tracking the fluid motion. […]

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NanoTumor Center – Fighting Cancer with Nanotechnology

Award-winning video featuring an overview of leading-edge cancer nanotechnology research at University of California, San Diego’s Moore Cancer Center. The NanoTumor Center is funded by NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology and the video is produced by NanoTecNexus in collaboration with Mindeliver Media. Duration : 0:3:13

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0 06ml per min each phase full chip view

Video related to research article appearing in Lab on a Chip Oliver K. Castell, et al. Liquidliquid phase separation: characterisation of a novel device capable of separating particle carrying multiphase flows Read the article at http://xlink.rsc.org/?DOI=b806946h Duration : 0:0:10

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Visualisation of Human Whole Blood Pumping

Video related to research from Lab on a Chip. Article details: Sheng-Hung Chiu and Cheng-Hsien Liu “An air-bubble-actuated micropump for on-chip blood transportation” Read the article at: http://xlink.rsc.org/?DOI=B900139E Duration : 0:0:27

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The NLP2000 from Nanoink

Prelaunch interview about the NLP2000 from Nanoink Duration : 0:1:44

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Real-time movie of the ultrafast microfluidic flow captured by the STEAM camera

From the paper “Serial time-encoded amplified imaging for real-time observation of fast dynamic phenomena,” K. Goda, K. K. Tsia & B. Jalali, Nature 458, 1145-1149(30 April 2009). http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/nature07980 Real-time movie of the ultrafast microfluidic flow captured by the STEAM camera. The duration, frame period, and shutter speed of the movie are 9.3 μs, 163 ns, […]

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Laser control of fusion and timing of microfluidic droplets. See http://www.ladhyx.polytechnique.fr/people/baroud/ for more information. Duration : 0:0:42

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SDA Movie

Movement of an untethered Scratch Drive Actuator measuring approximately 60 micrometers long by 120 micrometers wide by 1.5 micrometers thick, driven by a 100 Hz waveform. Duration : 0:9:18


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