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NABsys Hybridization-Assisted Nanopore Sequencing Platform

This technology may reduce the cost of whole-genome DNA sequencing by more than four orders of magnitude. This will allow for the elucidation of the genetic components of complex disease states and ultimately for the adoption of personalized and preventive medicine. Duration : 0:5:35

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3D simulation of cleanroom microfabrication. This process shows how to fabricate devices for nanofluidics experiments. (c) Nicolas Durand, 2009. … Nanofluidics nanotechnology microfabrication Duration : 0:3:59

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Formulator Dispensing a 96-Well Plate (Close-Up)

A close-up of the Formulator’s microfluidic chip dispensing a 96-well plate. … “liquid handling” formulatrix formulator “liquid handlers” Duration : 0:2:9

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Nanotech Risks

Andrew Maynard, chief science advisor for the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies, talks to Jorge Ribas about the technology’s risks. … nanotech nanotechnolgy Andrew Maynard Project on Duration : 0:2:19

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Shaping single walled nanotubes

A new approach to carving nanomaterials atom by atom using a scanning transmission microscope Duration : 0:2:20

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MEMS Bend Tester: Sample Placement

Demonstrating the difficulties faced placing micro samples between the loading anvils of a MEMS bend tester. The sample here is a C60 whisker, and the placer is a flame-stretched glass needle with a tip diameter of about ~2um. Michael Larsson, Imperial College, London, UK, 2006 Duration : 0:0:39

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MEMS Flow Sensors

tinyurl.com – This tutorial, provided by Digi-Key and Omron, discusses Omrons use of MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems) in mass flow sensors for gases. The various products and their basic operation are presented along with their features, benefits, and applications. Duration : 0:0:55

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MEMS tunneling accelerometer

Experimental setup utilizes labVIEW to control a rate table and compactRIO FPGA. Duration : 0:0:47

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Investigator Profile of Joel Voldman, By Greg Hren

Here is an Investigator Profile of Prof Joel Voldman from the Research Lab of Electronics at MIT. The footage was shot on location in Cambridge by Greg Hren Photography. Duration : 0:7:37

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Nanomotors emble Quantum Dots into Glowing Rings

A new nano technique could make chameleon-like camouflage possible, say researchers at Sandia National Laboratory. In this video, you can watch a serious of nanomotors (really, a set of proteins) emble a set of glowing quantum dots into visible rings. The process is reversible, raising the possibility of fast-color changes produced at the nanoscale. Duration […]


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