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nanoliter droplet on demand

I built a platform at Zhejiang University for generate nanoliter droplet. volume of each plug could be precisely defined with a LabVIEW program, It could be used to generate plugs for high throughput screening Duration : 0:0:41

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Nanotechnology Part 5/5

nanotechnology Duration : 0:7:30

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Nanotechnology: The Power of Small

Want to live to 150? Would you carry a nano ID? Should we enchance humans? How can nanotechnology change our world? Duration : 0:4:9

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Microsphere in Microchannel

A 2 um latex microsphere in a 40 um PDMS channel. The inlet pressure is manually adjusted with 35 Pa resolution to keep the bead in the field of view. Duration : 0:0:56

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NWO inc.: What is Nanotechnology ?

Imagine this power in the hands of the Elite. Nanotechnology Duration : 0:9:57

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Nanotechnology Part 4

nanotechnology Duration : 0:8:25

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Microfluidic Chips by Translume

This video was filmed using a chip that is currently for sale. Six to fifty micron spheres flow through this channel along with an agglomeration of spheres. Duration : 0:0:34

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Dubois Nanotechnology Final Project

Casey Dubois, 13 years old, Final Project for Nanotechnology course through Duke University, TIP Duration : 0:4:58

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Nanotechnology and drug delivery

Approximately 99 per cent of medicinal molecules don’t reach their targets and subsequently, stay in the body of the patient. As these molecules can sometimes be very toxic – particularly in the case of those designed to target cancers – research is being undertaken into more effective ways of safely transporting and delivering drugs. A […]

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microfluidic sequential injection and mixing in a capillary

gravity flow was stopped by the capillary force(surface tension) while changing slotted vials at capillary, based on sampling time, nanoliter sample and reagents could be introduced. the laminar flow and Taylor dispersion could interpret the effect of mixing downstream quantitatively. Anal. Chem., 78 (18), 6404 -6410 http://pubs.acs.org/cgi-bin/abstract.cgi/ancham/2006/78/i18/abs/ac060714d.html Duration : 0:0:21


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