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ADXL001: ADI’s MEMS Vibration Demo at Sensors Expo 2008

This demo showcases the unique features of Analog Devices’ ADXL001 iMEMS® shock and vibration sensor which is designed for industrial equipment monitoring applications. The ADXL001 is mounted to the cone of a speaker to simulate a vibrations source. The output of the sensor is connected to SigmaDSP to perform the necessary signal processing and the […]

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A Nanotech Story: interview with Luisa Bozano, PhD (Trailer)

A Nanotech Story – Trailer Dr. Luisa D. Bozano has been a research scientist at IBM’s Almaden Research Center (San Jose, California) since 2000. In her research, she is discovering and developing methods for making self- embling molecular electronics, such as memories, aimed at being significantly cheaper than today’s silicon-Based devices. For more information go […]