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Nanotech Today Internet TV – for Nanotechnology Advertisers

Advertise on Nanotech Today from InTimeTV – the world’s only peer-to-peer online TV network! With Nanotech Today you are able to reach a highly focused audience of nanotechnology professionals worldwide. It’s the perfect venue for advertising your products and services or to further build your brand. It’s guaranteed! Contact info@nanotech-today.tv today for more information on […]

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Green laser pointer through a telecom grade optical switch

In this experiment, we shine a green laser pointer on one mirror within the array of an all-optical switch to watch it draw the search pattern it uses to calibrate itself to other mirrors. Duration : 0:0:51

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Wii Teach You AFM

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) is an important tool for nanotechnology. We tried to use more interesting and interactive way to demonstrate how AFM works. We build a hand held optical lever model (called AFM education kit) that allows people use this model to scan a nanostructure model. A powerful device, WiiTM-mote controller (NintendoTM) is used […]

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Microsystems and Nanotechnology (MiNa) Research Group, UBC

Video about selected research, at the University of British Columbia. Professors Walus, Cheung, Madden. Duration : 0:9:47

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CitiDirect Nanotech Energy Ozone Health Spa (Malay)

Features of Ozone SPA: 1. Gentle body m age, penetrates acupuncture points 2. Freshen up your cells, naturally beautify your body 3. Exercise while you bath 4. Whitens skin, disinfect 5. Detoxify and rebalance physiology function 6. Enjoy Ozone Spa, cultivate better lifestyle 7. DIY easy to use, turn your pool into Spa in a […]