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CitiDirect Nanotech Energy Ozone Health Spa (Chinese)

Features of Ozone SPA: 1. Gentle body m age, penetrates acupuncture points 2. Freshen up your cells, naturally beautify your body 3. Exercise while you bath 4. Whitens skin, disinfect 5. Detoxify and rebalance physiology function 6. Enjoy Ozone Spa, cultivate better lifestyle 7. DIY easy to use, turn your pool into Spa in a […]

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Microfluicic I-Chip M1

An agglomeration of particles flowing through a 100 x 100 micron channel Duration : 0:0:41

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PERSONAL FINANCE: New Tech & Alternative Energy Investments

It’s hard to ignore global warming and the fact that oil is now at $100 per barrel. Ohio has put about 1.5 billion into a fund for “green collar” jobs which are alternative energy jobs. Ohio is putting money into wind turbines… Duration : 0:5:6

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DLP technology

DLP description technology system of texas instruments Duration : 0:3:38

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Nanotechnology report

Nanotechnology part2 Duration : 0:4:14

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Nanotechnology part 1

Introduction of Nanotechnology Duration : 0:4:0

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Small NC Microfabrication Machine

DigInfo – http://movie.diginfo.tv The Micro Robo: Micro MC-3, a small NC microfabrication desktop device, is a compilation of 3-axis robots with high rigidity, high precision, and enhancement features. As a machine that enables microfabrication, the Micro MC-3 is designed with a focus on suppressing vibration and uses M-2052 material, which offers the highest vibration damping […]

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Description of the new nanotech drug delivery patch

Description of the new nanotech drug delivery patch Duration : 0:2:42

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Video showcases interdisciplinary research at Purdue

Purdue’s Discovery Park, which has grown into a $375 million hub for interdisciplinary research in just five years, has produced a new video outlining its successes and how the park is helping reinvent the 21st century research university. The 10-minute video highlights Purdue’s interdisciplinary projects in nanotechnology, cancer, alternative energy, entrepreneurship, health-care engineering, life sciences, […]

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Iron Biologist Part 1

A takeoff of the Iron Chef television series in a molecular biology lab. Instead of interesting foods, the contestants use the ingredients and tools of molecular biology to identify genetic diversity in a freshwater snail population. Duration : 0:8:34


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