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Fluorescent Capillary Electrophoresis Separation

Microscope movie of fluorescence detection with a capillary electrophoresis separation. For more examples see http://www.micronit.com. Duration : 0:0:16

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SDJA AP Biology DNA Lab

Professor Curt Wittenberg, a molecular geneticist at Scripps Research Institute and an SDJA parent, came in to do a lab with the students. They separated pieces of DNA using gel electrophoresis. The students learned how to calculate the sizes of DNA fragments based on the distances that they travel in the gel. It was a […]

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Carbon Nanotube, Wave Packet Tunneling Through

3D calculation of wave packet tunneling through a supported carbon nanotube Duration : 0:0:13

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US Senator Dianne Feinstein address on cancer nanotechnology

Sen. Feinstein Has Kind Words for Nanotech Group. “Nanotechnology is opening new doors and offering hope to thousands of patients diagnosed with cancer daily,” Feinstein wrote in a letter to NanoBioNexus. “… NanoBioNexus is leading the way in NanoBiotech education.” Duration : 0:4:6

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MFDEP cell loading device proof-of-concept

Proof-of-concept of a MEMS device that I designed for my PhD dissertation, at the University of Maryland. Cells are loaded inside a micro-cell cage using dielectrophoresis. The active cancellation of the parasitic traps is necesary, thus becoming the use of multiple frequencies (MFDEP). This is the first machine of its kind, and it is very […]

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Is nanotechnology really helping?

The science of the tiny can have a huge impact on areas such as improving healthcare and helping to tackle energy and pollution problems. Yet in addressing these issues, there are questions on whether in solving one problem, we create another. Duration : 0:2:12

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Laser DLP

CES 2008: Mitsubishi Unveils Laser HDTV New rear-projection technology launches. It looks rather nice. Duration : 0:2:38

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NanoSpectralyzer data acquisition kinetic mode

Time-resolved kinetic mode data acquisition using NS1 NanoSpectralyzer for single-walled carbon nanotubes Duration : 0:1:5

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Electrophorese du DNA. Preparation du gel d’agarose

Electrophorese du DNA. Preparation du gel d’agarose. Duration : 0:1:14

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DNA-electrophorese. Technique de separation du DNA sur Agarose (depot des echantillons, migration et revelation) Duration : 0:5:51


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