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Nano-Tex Resists Spills Shirt on Today Show. Nanotechnology

Ira Flatow demonstrates the potential of nanotechnology with a Nano-Tex Resists Spills enhanced shirt. student Duration : 0:3:48

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nanotechnology laboratoty by vat_om

Nanotechnology labratory is a void art film created by vat_om fom void optical art laboratory Duration : 0:6:1

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The Next Generation of Nanomanipulation

Topology optimisation is a powerful computerbased method for obtaining better mechanical designs… the algorithm does not care about engineer-aesthetics – yet the designs are strangely beautiful. The films shows a manipulation sequence where a carbon nanotube is broken off and transferred to a “TEM grid” – a sample suited for inspection with a Transmission Electron […]

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Sensor Controller using PSoC

This video shows an environmental sensor controller using Programmable System-on-Chip technology to sample humidity, atmospheric pressure, and temperature. This project centers on an 8-bit Programmable-System-on-Chip (PSoC) microcontroller that manages a wireless transceiver based on Zigbee wireless networking (IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Protocol), environmental sensors, and backup storage. The implementation of these components results in a system […]

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Toward the World’s Smallest Radio

Toward the World’s Smallest Radio A graduate student of the University of California-Irvine demonstrates world’s first working version of a carbon nanotube radio system. A report on this amazing device appeared in Nano Letters, one of the American Chemical Society’s 36 peer-revewed scientific journals. This video was among supporting materials for the research paper. Peter […]

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Dielectrophoresis Non Contact Manipulation

Non-contact manipulation is a way to perform micro-objets positioning without adhesion perturbations. This video shows a top view of a non contact micromanipulation using negative dielectrophoresis (DEP). The microgripper’s end-effectors are in silicon with gold electrodes, and the manipulated gl balls are around 20µm diameter. An alternative tension (20V p-p) is applied between electrodes on […]

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DEP Dynamic release

During micromanipulations, release is disturbed by adhesion effects and negative dielectrophoresis (DEP) can be used to actively release the object. The video presents a top view of an active release. The microgripper’s end-effectors are in silicon with gold electrodes, and the handled ball is a 20µm gl ball. An alternative tension (20V p-p) is applied […]

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PSoC Based Angle Sensor

Designer:Pimao Li Advisor:Professor Youtong Zhang With the development of science technology, the automobile is becoming more intelligent. As the automobile’s sense organ, sensors are being used more and more on automobiles with the increase of automobile’s intelligence. The accelerator pedal angle is a very important parameter in automobile’s intelligence control, most angle sensors in use […]

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Nanotube Radio Device Plays Tunes

Researchers are closer to a true nano-sized mp3 player with their construction of a carbon nanotube radio wave detector. Jorge Ribas listens in. Duration : 0:2:27

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UALR Nanotechnology Roundtable Discussion

U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor and Undersecretary Robert Cresanti of the U.S. Department of Commerce joined Dean Mary Good of UALR’s Donaghey engineering and information technology school and other industry, university, and government leaders Aug. 7 to discuss ways to speed up the process of bringing nanotechnology discoveries out of the laboratory and into the economy. […]


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