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Incognito Sofa Love – Nanotechnology 6-29-07

Live From The Rain Desert, Danielson, Ct. Duration : 0:5:29

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electrophoresis Duration : 0:2:10

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Microphase Carbon Nanotubes : DigInfo

DigInfo- http://movie.diginfo.tv/ Traditionally electrical charges are carried and sometimes shielded using metal but this isn’t ideal- especially if the current has to run past or through explosive material like petrol tanks. The solution: Carbon Nanotubes. Microphase have mixed polymers (extracted from biom ) with their nanotubes and produced stronger, safer, and more electrically conductive materials […]

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lab on a chip

due deficienti alla sbaraglio!!!! Duration : 0:0:34

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Growing Carbon Nanotubes

Very simple method (CVD spray pyrolysis) for producing multiwalled carbon nanotubes at industrial scale. They grow inside a quartz tube at 900° C, from a mixture of ferrocene, toluene and argon gas Duration : 0:0:49