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Scifi Nanotech Animation

From my old abandoned scifi film “Chung Soi”. This scene shows a nanotechnology experiment at the Chung Soi corporation. (Come to thing of it, I hope “Chung Soi” doen’t mean anthing rude in Cantonese.) Duration : 0:0:5

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Designers & Nano-technology

Info-movie on nanotechnology and it’s possible effects and preventions Duration : 0:1:59

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space elevator

The Space Elevator is a thin ribbon, with a cross-section area roughly half that of a pencil, extending from a ship-borne anchor to a counterweight well beyond geo-synchronous orbit. Electric vehicles, called climbers, ascend the ribbon using electricity generated by solar panels and a ground based booster light beam. Duration : 0:2:4

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Duffield Hall Nanotech Center Engineering Quad Cornell Univ!

Duffield Hall Nanotechnology Center Engineering Quad Cornell University Campus 06 Duration : 0:0:21