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Andy Kessler – Nanotechnology and “The End of Medicine”

Complete program at: http://fora.tv/fora/showthread.php?t=273 Former Wall Street analyst Andy Kessler talks about the future of medical nanotechnology and its possible effects on the economics of the medical industry. —– Former Wall Street analyst, Andy Kessler, follows the money into the frontiers of medicine and discovers that people may never have heart attacks again in his […]

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Discrete Magnetic Microfluidics

We are developing a novel method to move and control aqueous drops on superhydrophobic surfaces using magnetic fields. Small water drops (volume 5-15 microliters) that contain fractions of paramagnetic particles as low as 0.1 % in weight can be moved at relatively high speed (7 cm/s) by displacing a permanent magnet placed below the surface. […]